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Subproject E01

Sustainability assessment for disruptive innovations like carbon concrete

How can Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) be further developed and communicated in all three pillars: environment – Life Cycle Assessment, economy – Life Cycle Costing, and social – Social Life Cycle Assessment, in such a way that it enables early sustainability predictions in the research of material-minimized carbon concrete structures and ensures the design of sustainable disruptive innovation? SP E01 develops tailored sustainability indicators and assessment methods at all three levels, e.g., to adequately address resource efficiency and recyclability in terms of a circular economy strategy (environmental), human health (social), or material flow and life cycle costs (economic). Risk factors, such as high emissions from specific production steps or the use of critical raw materials, and potential trade-offs between the three pillars are identified. In addition, the communication of LCSA results and the support of decision makers in the building sector regarding the sustainability of disruptive innovations is of great relevance.

Within the framework of E01, theseed fund project "Screening study PEFCR – Comparability, harmonisation and communication of the environmental performance of carbon reinforced concrete" (1st round 2022) will be carried out at RWTH Aachen University.


[Translate to English:] Edeltraud Günther
Subproject Manager
Edeltraud Günther
Prof. Dr.
Technische Universität Dresden
Chair of Business Management, esp. Sustainabili­ty Management and Environmental Accounting
D-01062 Dresden
[Translate to English:] Marzia Traverso
Subproject Manager
Marzia Traverso
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering
Mies-van-der-Rohe Str. 1
D-52074 Aachen
[Translate to English:] Jana Backes
Research Associate
Jana Backes
RWTH Aachen University, Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering
Mies-van-der-Rohe Str. 1
D-52074 Aachen
Tobias Hatzfeld
Research Associate
Tobias Hatzfeld
UNU Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources
Ammonstrasse 74
D-01067 Dresden

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