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Accompanying projects

The project areas A to E are accompanied and supported by the scientific/organisational subprojects S, INF, Ö, Z.

Project S – Tomography – supports the project areas A–D with optical measurement and testing procedures on various scales and further develops the interpretation of measurement data.

Project INF – Information Infrastructure – supervises the handling of data generated in the TRR 280, is responsible for technical and digital support, but also for the development of a TRR-specific database structure.

Project Ö – Public Relations – communicates research to the interested public through various channels, from school children to politicians. The translation between technical language and target-group-specific language as well as the use of target-group-specific communication channels are core tasks of project Ö.

TP Z – Central Tasks of the TRR 280 – organises the smooth running of all activities of the Transregio 280. This also includes the cross-location coordination of scientific work in the different projects as well as the organisation of colloquia and conferences.