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Project D03

Development of Advanced Tomography Data Analysis Techniques

In project D03, the focus is on the development of extended methods for tomography data analysis. The approach is to investigate the components of the specimens by segmenting them subvoxel-precisely and predict the distribution of the contained carbon fibers.

After the development of appropriate algorithms, the samples will be deformed by the application of force and then scanned again in the tomograph. The goal then is to determine the relationship between structure and stability. The multitemporal data sets produced in this process are matched using 3D-LSM (least squares matching) in order to investigate not only the displacement vectors (caused by the temporal difference) but also the deformations and cracks with subvoxel accuracy. With the aim to further optimize the data quality and thus the data analysis, a sensor modeling and corresponding calibration strategies are developed, which largely eliminate the systematic errors of tomographs.

Entwicklung von erweiterten Methoden für die Tomographiedatenanalyse, SFB TRR280
Entwicklung von erweiterten Methoden für die Tomographiedatenanalyse


[Translate to English:] Hans-Gerd Maas
Project Manager
Hans-Gerd Maas
Prof. Dr. sc. techn. habil.
Technische Universität Dresden
Institute of Photogramme­try and Remote Sensing
D-01062 Dresden (Germany)
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Research Associate
Franz Wagner
Technische Universität Dresden
Institute of Photogramme­try and Remote Sensing
D-01062 Dresden (Germany)

Publikationen | Publications

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Datensätze | Data sets

Blanch, X.; Wagner, F.; Eltner, A. (2023) River Water Segmentation Dataset (RIWA) at: Kaggle – DOI: 10.34740/KAGGLE/DSV/4901781

Wagner, F. (2023) Carbon Rovings Segmentation Dataset (RIWA) at: Kaggle – DOI: 10.34740/KAGGLE/DS/2920892

Wagner, F. (2023) Concrete Pores Segmentation Dataset (RIWA) at: Kaggle – DOI: 10.34740/KAGGLE/DS/2921245

Wagner, F. (2023) Fiber Segmentation Dataset (RIWA) at: Kaggle – DOI: 10.34740/KAGGLE/DS/2894881