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Subproject D01

Generative Fabrication of Complex Structures Made of Mineral-Based Fibre-Reinforced High-Performance Composites

In subproject D01, scientific fundamentals for the integration of continuous fiber reinforcements in mineral-based composites during generative manufacturing are developed. Cement-bound carbon concrete matrices are initially used as concrete. As continuous fiber reinforcement, high-performance, temperature-resistant, mineral-impregnated carbon yarns are integrated. The freshly impregnated carbon yarns are flexible in the first hours after impregnation and can be deposited to reinforcement structures very well with robot-supported procedures. When hardened, the impregnation results in an efficient, durable and temperature-resistant bond between continuous fiber reinforcement and fine grained concrete. The material properties of the components during production as well as of the composite during hardening and in the hardened state are determined with adapted relevant test methods or those to be developed and provided for analytical or numerical modelling.

The knowledge gained from this manufacturing process forms the basis for working with other material types such as highly ductile concrete or polymer-impregnated carbon yarns.

Within the framework of D01, the seed fund project "Carbon reinforced concrete structures additively manufactured on free-standing textile formwork – freeDome" (1st round 2022) will be carried out together with SP B02.

Fertigung komplexer Strukturen aus mineralisch basierten faserbewehrten Hochleistungskompositen, SFB TRR280
Fertigung komplexer Strukturen aus mineralisch basierten faserbewehrten Hochleistungskompositen


[Translate to English:] Viktor Mechtcherine
Subproject Manager
Viktor Mechtcherine
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Technische Universität Dresden
Institute of Construction Materials
D-01062 Dresden
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Research Associate
Tobias Neef
Technische Universität Dresden
Institute of Construction Materials
D-01062 Dresden

Publikationen / Publications

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