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Prof. Manfred Curbach stands for "WIDE VIEW" in #innovationsland Deutschland

[Translate to English:] Foto auf Handydisplay von Manfred Curbach

Manfred Curbach is undoubtedly one of the people who drive innovation in and from Germany with courage and good ideas. Setbacks and criticism could not stop him, but encouraged him to constantly accelerate his vision of building with carbon concrete. Today we see the fruits of his labour. The development, research and transfer of the material carbon concrete into practice is currently conquering the market. A wonderful example is the creation of the first CUBE building made entirely of carbon concrete, in Saxony's state capital Dresden.

No wonder, then, that Manfred Curbach was also portrayed as part of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's campaign "#innovationsland Deutschland". The campaign not only focuses on researchers, but also makes their innovations visible and tangible for everyone, including those of carbon concrete construction.

In a portrait film produced especially for this campaign, Prof. Manfred Curbach shows on the one hand how efficient and sustainable the new material carbon concrete is and on the other hand he talks about how far-sightedness and innovative spirit have accompanied his career.

With the information and dialogue campaign #innovationsland Deutschland, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research wants to make innovations visible and tangible by offering as many different people as possible access to as many different topics as possible.

Website of the campaign: https://www.innovationsland-deutschland.de