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„Preis der Bauindustrie Sachsen“ for Iurii Vakaliuk

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The "Preis der Bauindustrie Sachsen" (Award of Saxony' Construction Industry) for outstanding final theses in the field of civil engineering and architecture goes to Iurii Vakaliuk (Institute fof Concrete Structures, TU Dresden) and Robert Bretschneider (TU Dresden) in 2020. The Bauindustrieverband Ost e. V. (BIVO) has awarded this prize for the 13th time. The award was made corona-related at the association's internal meeting of the Human Resources Development Committee on 14 October 2020 in Leipzig.

"For the construction industry association, the award is an important building block in the promotion of young talent in the construction industry," emphasises BIVO President Wolfgang Finck, who is pleased with the award winners. Alongside digitalisation, securing skilled labour is one of the major challenges facing the industry. "In addition to demographic developments, we are increasingly noticing that the willingness to work under the special conditions of construction is decreasing. In this context, the awarding of prizes for final theses is only one component of emphasising the versatility of construction and cultivating the image of the industry," says Finck. The BIVO President notes that interesting and challenging fields of activity with excellent career prospects await young professionals in construction companies. In order to become more attractive as a sector in competition with other branches of industry, society as a whole must succeed in having the building profession and the importance of building culture for society perceived more positively again.

Iurii Vakaliuk from the Institute of Solid Construction at TU Dresden received the prize for his master's thesis "Conceptual development for the arrangement of modular textile-reinforced macrocells". In the sub-discipline of architecture, Robert Bretschneider won the prize for his diploma thesis on "Radrennbahn Dresden-Reick". Mr Vakaliuk and Mr Bretschneider both studied at the TU of Dresden. In explaining the reasons for the award, Finck says: "The work in the field of civil engineering shows a very good concept for reducing the overall construction costs, especially for reducing the material volume of concrete. The architectural work describes the design of a modern sports facility that has charisma for the state capital of Saxony and can promote bicycle traffic and shape cycling in the region. Two quite excellent works worthy of the "Preis der Bauindustrie Sachsen"."

Bauindustrieverband Ost e. V. represents the interests of 260 construction companies with 20,000 employees in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The biennial award is endowed with 2,000 euros. (Source: Press release www.bauindustrie-ost.de)