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Carbon reinforced concrete handbook published

Handbuch Carbonbeton
Frank Schladitz

In the new Ernst & Sohn video format seriously inquired, Philip Kalkbrenner (Baustelle Bauwesen) talks to Prof. Josef Hegger (RWTH Aachen) and Prof. Manfred Curbach (Technische Universität Dresden) about carbon concrete as a building material and about the book "Handbuch Carbonbeton - Einsatz nichtmetallischer Bewehrung" (Carbon Concrete Handbook - Use of Non-Metallic Reinforcement) Eds: Manfred Curbach, Josef Hegger, Frank Schladitz, Matthias Tietze, Matthias Lieboldt.

According to Ernst & Sohn Verlag, it is the only handbook with up-to-date knowledge on the application of the new construction method - for new buildings as well as retrofitting and repair: constructions made of carbon concrete enable material savings, reduction of energy demand and CO2 emissions.

Watch video format here.

The handbook is now available in specialist shops and on the publisher's website.