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Research Colloquium Structural Analysis - Building Practice

CRC/TRR280 represented at the Research Colloquium on Structural Engineering - Building Practice

The CRC/TRR280 was represented at the research colloquium Baustatik-Baupraxis. At the research colloquium, which took place from 27-30.9.2022 in Kloster Steinfeld, almost 50 presentations were given on the topics of structural analysis and building practice. Initiated by the Chair of Structural Analysis and Structural Dynamics at RWTH Aachen University, the presentations were evaluated and a prize, the Best-Presentation-Award, was awarded. Several researchers of the CRC/TRR280 participated in the research colloquium.

The conference took place at the Steinfeld Monastery. Located in the northern Eifel, its historical beginnings date back to the time of Henry I (919-936).