TU Dresden RWTH Leibniz Institut

Winners of the art competition „ENTDECKUNG"

Sculpture in red steel

Sculpture "Liporello" by Ekkehardt Neumann

Crocheted sculpture in white

Crocheted sculpture "Fibonaccibikini" by Heinke Haberland

Fiberglass and polyemer cement shell

Sculpture "Shell" by Anja Schubert

Visualizing a symbiosis, NATURE + CONCRETE, under this motto, artists submitted their designs, models and sculptures to the CCR/TRR 280 competition.We thank all for the active and creative participation. Our jurors have choose three winners from among the many entries:

1st place: Ekkehard Neumann from Münster with the sculpture „Liporello“, which deals with the possibilities of the material.
2nd place: Heinke Haberland from Düsseldorf, whose Fibonacci bikini represents a hyperbolic geometry in space.
3rd place: Anja Schubert from Düsseldorf, who wants to create walkable outdoor sculptures with her large shells.

We congratulate all winners on their success and look forward to the exhibition in autumn 2023.